& through it all;

church tdy was good,attended main service with the WG.i think i paid attention,but shit i left my sermon notes in _ bag dammit.lunched with them at greenridge,slacked around,rotted.haha.

afternoon was fun,hmmm.i got mozzie bites all over but heck,it was worth all the bloooood sucking and stuff(: hey.thankyou.for all the assurance(: ♥

well,2007’s coming to a close really soon.ive got school tmr,what a bummer la,stupid poly!bloooody hell): alryt anyway,ive got tonnes of things to thank God for. i think ive listed them down already in previous posts,but i shall list them out once more.i thank God for my family,for the very lovely friends esp clique & churchies & all the besties,i thank God for placing me in TP,for the course that im in,for seeing me through this hectic year.i must say that He’s been Faithful throughout,for seeing me through everything although sometimes ive been quite bad with my QT.or like even if i dont place my total trust in Him..i thank God for _ too,cant say much here,but 2007’s been simply great:) thank you Jesus,for this fabulous year(: pls make 2008 a good one too haha thankkk youuuu

pictures from ytd!

ppk,you sexy thing(: ❤


WEBS,i love.


goodnight,school beckons in 10 hrs time.



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