helllllyeah freedom’s here! tort law was alryt la,paper from 11 to 12,at 1145am i was practically rejoicing already lol.perpetual joy!haha.damn damn damn shiok.took bus to town with B since she was gg there too,then i went to meet jeffy & cbel!haha met jeffy first,walked around IN THE RAIN.haha.couldnt decide where to go to.haha paragon then taka.met his friend,slacked at yoshi & had lunch there then cbel came!haha bummed around and walked here & there.finally headed to coffee bean to err,gossip LOL.and talk cock.oh yes & we prank called ian cai.haha.oookay.then i waited for my sis at town,headed to PS,got some stuff,met daddy,went to junction 8 to meet mummy,had dinner & homed. NO MORE TESTS!YAYYYYYYE!

jeffy the retard.


prank calling ian cai haha.




haha the very big choc cake.


ignore my spastic face.thank you.


CBEL!:) 🙂 🙂 JEFFY! 🙂 🙂 🙂

cn three

& so,thats how i spent my day<333


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