heart attack day!hoho.now,some things are better left unsaid,right? school was a freaking neh neh pok waste of time.tort & lcom lectures were quite entertaining actually.haha.lunched at MENSAAAA.eeeyer eeeyerrr haha.slacked at the library with W & B cos R had peer apprasial..mmhm rotted,read stuff,studied,almost zzz.haha.Lcom tutorial for 15 mins,got back our client talk grades YAY! went to town to find mummy & sister.met welson while waiting for the bus so headed to town with him since he was gg there too.shopped,studied and rotted in town,had dinner with the fam and i just got home!

hi B!hi W!:)


xmas lights at orchard(:

DSC00745 DSC00751 DSC00752

okay yay bye the weather is so nice to sleep(: ❤

(: <333


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