& if you meet me halfway;

slept at one-ish am ytd cos had last min work shits.got up at 6,damn bloody tired.micro tutorial for 1 hr,went to lab to wait for W to finish his work,lunched at ITAS,decided to pon LSM lecture,headed to library where we 4 slacked n slept for like 1 hour or so.really tired man.slept on the damn uncomfortable sofas.woke up 10 mins before class,strolled to cheers,met deb bff on the way,bought chocs,headed to class.felt damn super sian,ended up playing some dunno what stupid hand game thing with W,ate chocs w B,complained with R,haha thats how crim law tutorial passed by.bummed around with they 3 after class,went with B to eat desserts at ITAS,met her bf & some of her friends,slacked,waited for my sis to call then headed to town.met her,waited for cousins,had dinner,watched fred clause.quite nice (: got home at like ten-ish.now im chionging LSM tutorial for tmr,and wondering what time ill sleep tonight.damn sian man!!haha one more week till freedom.dammit cant wait..

oookay back to work omg i cant believe im doing work.shits whats becoming of me.I DONT DO WORK ONE LEH.dammit.


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