& when youre standing at the crossroads;

cos even if youre wrong,ill stand by you.

ponning class today!i have mel ang’s micro notes anyway,so no point going.plus there’s no crim law lecture so like whatever man,not gonna go to sch for 1 hr plus only..gonna study at home later.HOPEFULLY..hmm gg out for lunch w mummy & sister..mmhmm.dinner tonight at east coast with the fam!its daddy’s birthday:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!thanks for always providing for us,for buying so many things for us although sometimes we might seem damn spoilt.thanks for keeping this family tgt since forever,for never ever fighting w mummy,for never threatening us,for being so good to us!YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE YOU LIKE YOUR PRESENTS daddy I LOVE YOU<3

once upon a time super long ago(:


once upon a time 7 mths ago(:


❤ good bye my nose is still blocked since days ago eeee.bye lovelies.

when you have to look away,when you dont have much to say,thats when i love you,i love you,just that way<3


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