i shall summarise what i did today.damn lazy to type out everything.

1.woke up freaking early to put on formal wear PLUS make up[bloody hell].
2.rushed to sch to meet grp mates,rehearsed one last time,almost strangled outselves cos one grp member was in another tutorial class-we thought she forgot to come!
3.waited for our ‘client’ aka mr J to come knockin on the door-he was 45 mins late.
4.20 nerve wrecking mins later,our client talk was over n it went pretty well(:
5.celebrated with the group,had lunch,went ‘shopping’-bought earrings
6.met debbooooo!socio tutorial.damn damn damn boring.
8.good & bad part of the day.
9.i swear i almost died….cos of something.
10.i still think im gonna die.

on a lighter note,daddy’s bday is tmr!so we’re gg out to eat again!daddy is feeding me roasted almonds now haha omg damn nice,u all want to eat?hahaha.

mid sem test schedule is out already.sian.10,11,14 dec.micro,tort,lcom.basket.socio test is next week.dead meat la.what the i love vitasoy.okay shit and my brain’s allll haywire now.goodbye i wanna sleep.


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