cos its us against the world;

hello people,i just got home about an hour ago! hoho im so was alryt i guess,the mad rush to complete projects is seriously draining every single bit of brain juice out of me.skipped tort law lecture tdy,went for LCOM lecture,omg mr J is hilarious to the max of this earth la.haha.lunched at ITAS with the mates.then headed to ILAWCHAMBERS to do tort law.left the group at 1 to meet BFFS!omg they rock my socks like woohooooo!had a second lunch with them-SO WHAT IF IMMA PIG HUH HUH HUH!haha.ate some damnnnn spicy noodles!haha couldnt even eat la wth.gave the noodles to the mels haha.I LOVE YOU BFFS!!!<3 back to LCOM tutorial.bffs waited for me to go to class<333 yay!had interview dry run.not bad back ti ILAW to do the last bit of out outline.the rest of the day was well spent the night was good.omg im so tired from all the projects..

TGIF.its saturday tmr!ever wondered why the weekends seem to pass so quickly & weekdays are so draggy?eeeyer.nehmind,tmr’s some outing with the WG!gabriel’s performance!

BFFS LOVINNNNNN<3(ignore my spastic face,thanks)


the damn spicy noodles,mel png’s fav 🙂


stupid W always sleeping,sit up also can sleep,WALAO EH!!!!


ah bengzxz got blue fingernailzxzx HAHA Ryan!!!


oookay its almost midnight,HELLO ratzxzx!happy FOUR friends.<333

nights.wonderland 🙂


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