its your love;

ponned micro as i mentioned earlier,went to sch to meet them for lunch!then it was tort law project work.okay to put it in simple terms,my class fought.or rather,we had some ‘riot’ cos of our LCOM interview slots.all in all,many vulgarities were exchanged,everyone was all hot & bothered & really pissed off,while i just sat there eating my sweets and talking to B.haha B keeps me sane cos we just cant be bothered with all the crap going on.haha.I HAVE PIMPLES.peoject stress HAHHHH.and i just realised that mid term tests are coming,in 3 weeks time.sociology test in 2 weeks.tort law outline due monday.criminal law peer teaching due monday.tort law mind map due tmr.shit.


DSC00598 DSC00599

❤ i love love love love love. daddy says i should name my three TIC TAC TOE.

i feel so motivated all of a sudden.khairun & i are going ‘EH CHIONG CHIONG CHIONG ALL THE BEST MAN!’ on msn.crim law is so gna screw the shit outta us but haha YAYY WE ARE SO GONNA ROCK HAHA.wooyeah:)


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