& a hurricane:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUDED5,MY NUMBER ONE ENEMY.youre EIGHT now,not SEVEN.so please grow up,stop stepping on my shoes,pulling my hair,making fun of ppl lol.youre EIGHT!oh wow.HAHA.aye happy SEVENTEENTH birthday la kuku,my half enemy half friend LOL,thanks for the times when you werent so mean to me.GROW UP ALREADY AH!haha,17 alr,not 7!tsk.God Blesssssss:)

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BORING!school sucked balls today.so ultraman boring omggg everyone was like sleeping throughout LCOM legal research training . the library training room was backside cold la,i could totally see goose bumps on people haha.was so so so tired i was ready to sleep on my keyboard.lunch time came thereafter,oooohhhooo fish&chips at jupiter cafe = ❤ project work soon came chasing after us.haha,so yes did project work from 1 plus till 3 or so.ohmyohmy,had to peer teach the group.my part was on nuisance.had to find the defination,the elements of nuisance,the defence to nuisance,private vs public nuisance..haha..then the rest peer taught on defamation,negligence,trespassing.haha quite interesting i must say. learnt quite a fair bit from them.went to town to find sis after that.walked so much im so tired now la.didnt even buy much.i only spent like..5 bucks LOL.im so proud of myself la.school’s at ten tmr yay!


“Forever I will love you, for there is nothing in this world I want to do but love you and to be with you, now and forever. Till the oceans dry, till the sun dims, I’ll still be loving you forever and for eternity.”

so sweet right 😀


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