just the way you are :)

did my QT on the way to school & in school today,never felt any better than todayso many things i had to committ into His hands.so many things i havent prayed about for ages.at least im back on track with Him

met this fat cat while waking with WenKai,Ryan & veron,omg its sooo fatty like pooo.eeee.


my chocolate keeps me alive during tutorials :/


& my favourite green tea too!(:


heh my pencil case:D


this is B. (: my best classmate ❤


Lois was sleeping during criminal law tutorial HAHA!


stupid W,everytime also sleep sleep sleeep!


my pod casing is the cutest ever haha.


school was the ultimatezxzx boring.ponned LSM lecture,sat in i-law chambers with B,then went to get chocs to eat in class.criminal law tutorial was alryt,peer teaching!B taught our class tdy.my group’s turn is in 2 weeks time oh nooooo.3 hours of teaching aint any joke,3 ppl to teach for 3 hours,means i have to teach for at least an hour omgggg.my days are packed like neh neh la.

monday: school from 9 to 4,tort law project aft sch.
tuesday:school from 9 to 4
wednesday:school from 10 to 4,sociology project till 6 or 7.
thursday:school from 10 to 1,maybe have projects.
friday:school from 9 to 4.in btw must do tort law project for 2 hours.
saturday:might have microecons project

pooo sad life sad sad sad life.omg my aim is to get to uni tsk tsk im gonnnnna try man.if not ill be damnnnnn sad.tmr’s peer teaching for tort law project within my group!ohhh eee ahh oooo i just did my mind map im so satisfied,& i finally understand micro!whoohoo.teeeveeeee time,poopoo(:

❤ (:


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