here’s my promise made tonight<3

oh eee ah ooooo,went to ECP to cycle with the fam again,my cousin came along hehhe’s like only sec1 but he can cycle faster than me ): i lost the race haha.went to have lunch at some korean/jap place,then went to mmmhm:) then went to church  the air con made my stupid nose get blocked again,and i couldnt breathe ): haha stupid jeffy is gonna call Singapore casket cos he wants me to die ): haha evil,i wont miss you when you fly off!poo poo poo someone wanna exchange nose with me?heh heh.thanks ah ❤

my mummy annoyed me today,nag nag nag,cant blame,30 yr age gap :O thank God for phones & ipods,can blast the music super loud so i cant hear the naggings.nowwww thats why i like to stay out of my house,escape the very unwanted naggings.wont do me good anywayyy..


oh yeah i love those people like neh neh man.amazing how we’re from different cliques yet we can still make time to date each other out 🙂 heh heh 2 closest cliques in sec sch = love! 🙂 see my friends all so preeeettttty ❤ i love love love,dont you love them too!haha <333

ok bye my nose is just simply rotting away. 




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