happiness= satisfaction over desires?

a classmate asked me to think about the above equation[see the entry title].mmmhm! okay think peeeeeople.THINK ABOUT IT.

im here.after 3 hours of mugging today.shits,the 3 hours felt like the whole day la.ayeeee,tortureeee man.& its only 3 in the afternoon.booooringggg!& what the apple,who said that poly damnnnn slack huh!walaooooo.slack your head la okay.if slack ah,i wouldnt have to mug at all laaaa.neh neh pok la this world.everything also must study.HURHHH. anyhowwww,its 7 more days to freedom.haha that’s my motivation.walao cheap thrills.okay what the heck.random pictures!

my lsm/lcom presentation grp[me,beesiang,wenkai & ryan],plus lois & shaun.


OKAYYY spot me.MCS pri 3 haha.


oh shit exam madness.


‘if love was a heart,i’d send you mine.’


❤ okay back to the world of nerds.ohshit,this aint good at all.


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