just for melissa png (:


bestfriend!(: i know its not 18 aug yet,but just in case i dont have time to come online tmr,i shall give you a dedication on my xanga now 😀 haha.well,HAPPY SEXY 17TH BIRTHDAY BFF!(: youre a year older now,so omggg pls stop crying sooo much ahhaha.thanks for being such a fab bff,clique mate & everything!(((: i hope that you had fun today at dinner with the clique<3 i love you alot alot alot!

happy birthday bestfriend(:


remember this!haha at BK with bffs & jeff & cai,lol


1,2,3,4,5 clique mates (:


full house!(:


we celebrated mel png & rae’s bday today!haha.mel ang & i tricked mel png like crazy.hahaha.she thought tt only we 3 were gg for dinner tgt,till we reached chomp chomp at 6 & she saw clarissa sitting damnnn calmly over there!haha.ordered loads of food[satay beehoon,stingray,hokkien mee,chicken wings,oyster omellete,3 cups of sugar cane!] & waited for rachel to come[she still didnt know tt rae was cmg].rachel came,mel ang & i bluffed png tt we were gg to the toilet when we went to bring rae in.then surprise!(: mel png cried like crazy when she saw rae.HAHA walao,every table was like staring la,crazy png png cried so much,Singapore almost flooded pls!lol.sneaked out to buy cake with mel ang,bought 2 cakes,one for rae & one for png!<3 haha crazy bff cried again.walao 17 yrs old alr still cry sooo much-since sec3 still like that,haha.went to coffee bean after that,waited for annabelle to come![and again she didnt know tt belle was cmg],then surprise again!belle & weili[her boyfriend] turned up.HAHA.havent seen belle for eons la,omg still as pretty as ever!(: haha.talked for a while then left alr.so yes now we’re all home,waiting for mel ang to send us the pictures! haha mel png!hope that you had fun (((: happy birthday bestfriend!!! i love you<3

meeting clique was the best of the best!clarissa,belle & rae all MIA for like dunno how long already la,haha and they’re all getting prettier & prettier each day pls! & all attached huh.hahaha.make me feel like loser only ): haha i love you clique!(: best night ever ❤

so tmr the 2 retarded kudeds are cmg to study!omg mug like siaooo haha (:

yay im happy today!(: I LOVE YOU 9SYCHODELICS CLIQUE!<3



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