apple bomb & banana tree!

went to church early tdy cos peter asked me to go at 1pm.AND THANKS ALOT AH,ASK PPL TO GO SO EARLY,& HE CAME AT LIKE 0210.thanks alot ah kuded5 haha.anyhow,WG was alryt,people always bully me,which makes me but nehmind i still love my kudeds hahaha.went to greenridge with them,they ate,i nice.i was pissed.but now im not really pissed.haha.what the apple bomb banana tree la.service was alryt,was pretty tired. ): but anyhow,yeahhhh.haha.& now i have a headache ):

anyway,today i did some thinking!apple bomb,thats so unusual of me.haha but anw,i spent one hr plus thinking outside on my swing yay yay i feel much happier (((: haha.aye yli la,i hope you read this.haha & thankssss for everything!<3

i miss my ppk!): ppk didnt go to church tdy ):


crazy jeffy’s driving me nuts over msn ROAR JEFFY IM GNA KILL YOU MAN stupid neh neh.HURH DONT TRY ME YOU STUPID RETARDED BFFL.haha.

alryteh my throat feels weird,so tata bye im gna do something else which is to _____ (((: haha.

bye lovelies.have a nice night (:


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