Little Miss Eat A lot. [; says:
cross my lungs i wont let you go hahahaha

NICOLE[: im addicted to you[: says:

haha and my kidneys wont let u go too haha

my gorgeous is FUNNY!

1. Do you have Justin Timberlake on your iPod?

2. Where were you July 4th, 2006?

3. Do you like Oatmeal?
YES (:

12. What is your best friend doing tomorrow?
i think they’re all out.cos they’re all not online.HAHA BFFS WHERE ARE YOU!

13. Where do you plan on attending college?
NUS or SMU if possible,if not overseas i guess.

14. Where is the last place you ate out at?
united square…

15. Whose bed did you last sleep in, besides your own?
haha errr.wg retreat at peter’s hse in june,so i think i slept on his floor?HAHA.

16. Do you have a TV in your room?
no,for what la,tv’s not good for children haha.

17. Where was your default picture taken?
at sakae with my ppk & kuded6!

18. Are you good at saving money?

19. Do you like Ramen noodles?
haha,okok la huh.

20. Do you remember Furbies?
yes the retarded monster tt has big retarded eyes.

21. Does your mom smoke?

23. Where is your favorite football team from?

24. Who were you with Saturday night?
for me to know for you to find out (:

25. Are you taller or shorter than the rest of your family?
second shortest HAHA

26. How long does it take you to get ready?
wake up then go bathe for 15 mins,eat breakfast 15 mins,pack bag 5 mins,choose clothes,blah blah half an hour.find earrings & whatever 5 mins,choose shoes 1 min,run out of the house,then take bus/train 1 and a half hrs.piang.

27. Does laundry really need to be separated?
clothes from underwear YES haha.

28. Do you own a webcam?
tablet pc no web cam la what the apple its like built in?haha

29.When was the last time you played basketball?
back in PL last year (:

30. Do you like orange juice?
YES haha

31. Have you ever been arrested?

32. Have you ever gotten locked in a trunk of a car?

33. Do you wear chains?
chain w a cross yess

34.can you sleep in jeans?
haha only if im super tired.

35. Have you ever eaten duck?
yeah haha

36. When was the last time you took a shower?
3 hrs ago!

37. What class do you have fun in almost every day?
no class is fun,but the ppl rock haha

1)Is it cute when a guy kisses you on your forehead?
cute?what the apple?

2)A big poofy dress or a short party dress?
haha weird fashion taste.

3)What would you do if you received a long love letter?

4)Group dates or single dates?
both (:

5)Do you hate it when guys act different around their friends?
haha sometimes.

6)Are diamonds a girl’s best friend?
no my bestfriends are girls,NOT DIAMONDS.what on earth.

7)Is your hair up or down?
down or up when i go out,up when im at home.haha.

8)Do you straighten your hair?
no.i scared my hair kena burned haha

9)Do you like to get tan?
hello im suppper white what do you think haha.

10)Whats your favorite girly magazine(s)?
seventeen’s pretty nice (:

11)What’s your Favorite mascara?
i dont use make up.

12)Do you get your nails done?

13)Small or large bags?
large for sch,small for going out (:

14)In your bag, what you must have inside?
phone,wallet,umbrella,lip gloss.and whatever la haha

15)Jeans or skirts?

16)Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that’s uncomfortable?
clog shoes counted anot?haha

17)Do you text message a lot?
yes obviously tt’s why i can bomb it to 1600 right.tsk.haha

18)Do you believe in love at first sight?
NO thats stupid.

19)Hook-ups or relationships?
relationships for sure..

20)Whats your favorite color(s)?

21)Heels or Flats?
FLATS.i cant walk for nuts in heels oh dammit.

wah its like 11pm now im freaaaaking bored rar where are you where are you where are youuuu ):
I JUST GOT SCARED ABT..two hours ago  ): you scared me ):
my gorgeous rocks socks hah girlfriend hurry read this post i love you laaaa omg thanks for the secret sharing (((:
rar where are you where are you where are youuuuuuuu.

you’re my everything(((: ❤


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