little secret<3

i love you gorgeous!haha i hope you’ll see this hahaha (((: you can like read me like a book please hahahaha I LOVE YOU LA WOMAN!pasta mania date soon okay!

this year has passed by super quickly la ohmyapple,its august already.haha.the past 2 augusts in yr 2005 & 2006 were’nt good at all.haha yr 2005 mid aug,stupid ms * made me cry in school HAHA cos of the stupid GB sergeant rank thing where they had to talk to each GB girl individually haha.i rmb getting scared so after talking to her i ran to the toilet to cry & then back to class crying too HAHA damn lame shit can.then last yr mid aug,mrs * lost my eng test paper & she made me cry too HAHAHA.ohmyapple,every august i cry in sch.damn shit please.this august has been the best aug in my entire life.haha i swearrrr man (((:

tmr’s National Day!!! haha im gna wear red & white if i go out HAHAHA damn cool laaa so you all should do that too HAHA.


HELLO GORGEOUS I LOVE YOU,you hotahotlic gf!<3

i should really start mugging.haha.someone motivate me!!!

its a happy day & im living it for my Lord;



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