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LCOM & LSM PRESENTATION TDY WAS LIKE .reached sch at like 0655am when i was supposed to meet the grp at 8 & presentation’s at 1030?!? freaking early la,what on earth.sat outside the library to look through my cue cards.classmates came,grp mates came,we rehearsed a little before heading down to the legal lab.and ohmyshit,the lecturers were there waiting already.5 grps in total,my grp was 3rd.timelimit was half an hour,presentation 20 mins-Q&A session 10 mins.wardah’s grp was up first,followed by christine’s grp,my grp,vanessa’s grp then lois’s grp.when our turn got nearer ah,i swear i almost could hear my heart beat.and its like your heart will suddenly beat superrrrr fast and your hands turn cold & numb.haha.standing in front of the class & 3 lecturers[WITH OTHER CLASSES LOOKING FROM NEXT DOOR] was freaking scary & intimidating. i love my grp members haha i think they did well (((: Q&A was freaking freaking i-have-nothing-to-say.one lecturer asked me something abt para’s part of the presentation.and she was like’ NICOLE.parames said something abt ENGLISH LAW.but the precedent case is a Singapore case.so shouldnt it be under Singapore law?WHY ENGLISH LAW?’ & then i was like shit la anyhow talk cock.hahaha.good thing she didnt ask me abt beesiang’s part on judicial precedence.tt one i totally have no idea man.glad that its over though.no more late nights!so hopefully tt will = to no more pimples heh.lunched with the class! finally met wenghao after one million zillion years since FOC.hahaha.homed with ryan & wenkai.studied a bit of macro.okay no i didnt study.i just revised last term’s work.shitbags ive got so much to study for exams ): nehminddddd i can do it HAHA yaright yaright  yay im loving this week already hahahaha im quite happy HEH. okay no,im VERY HAPPY<3

i am a flower quickly fading
here today & gone tomorrow,
a wave tossed in the ocean,
vapour in the wind;
will you,hear me when im calling,
Lord you catch me when im falling,
You told me who i am,
i am Yours.


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