in the name of love;

POM & MACRO presentations are finally over!AHHHH!yay.POM was freakingggg funny please.every group was like WAH DAMN PRO can.i like (: haha. macro presentation was almost screwed.didnt know tt the stupid tutorial room didnt have visualiser.only had OHP.and we didnt print our stuff on transparencies la.ohmytian.ran down to the library with wenkai[IN HEELS DAMMIT!] printed all our stuff super quickly then ran all the way back to class.unglam la,thanks.haha.managed to pull the presentation off,but the tutor kept shooting questions at us INDIVIDUALLY.i presented on aggregate demand & supply and the country i did on was the tutor shot me with her intimidating qns.

ME:im doing on aggregate demand & supply.the country is Africa.

TUTOR: which part of Africa?

ME:[runs to look at our folio atricles] tells grp mates’EH THEY NV SAY WHICH PART LEH.’then goes back to the tutor’they didnt say which part of Africa.AIYAH ZIMBABWE LA.i only know zimbabwe'[cos of O level geog map]

TUTOR:smiles like some kuku.

okay piang eh die alr pls.anyhow whack.zimbabwe my foot la.haha die la.rar!lunched with my BFFS mensa again.HAHA.then went for microsoft excel test.wahpiang screwed can.anyhow click here & there.then raise hand’TEACHERRRRR MY THING CANNOT HIGHLIGHT EH WHY AH WHY!’ omg poly is so retarded i want to slap myself.haha.

got home at 10 plus ytd night.tired pls.whole day in formal clothes.the heels killed my feet.rarrrh.& now im like waiting for ryan,wenkai,bee siang & para to come to my place to rehearse for our last presentation on mon!(: walao LCOM & LSM LEH.sian ge bong bong can.but we will whack it flat.haha (:

-will upload pics ltr or sth ;D



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