yesterday was lunch date with BFFS!(: deb couldnt make it again ): haha nehmind we’ve got all the fridays in the world to have lunch we went to ITAS.haha lunch was funnn (((: then all of us went for lab lesson.then halfway through lesson,(: called so i ran out of class.wth la like loser pls,anyhow go out.haha.and my com and beesiang’s com went kuku la,suddenly power cut off haha pangsai man.then heck la,dont want to do work i opened the door and threw my water bottle to mel ang who was like next door.HAHA,walao funny please.

after tutorial i ran off to meet :D.waited for (:. then brought (: to say hi to my bffs.hahaha. and then we sat around till :D’s friends came.then we rotted.and laughed.and played.and rotted even more.and then we went for dinner.dinner was super fun.4 plates of meat.HAHAHA.and ice cream.and ice kachang which we played with.and we fried ice cream,fried jelly,and we started biting each other’s arms and fingers.ohmytian.i think we ate for soooo long.and then we trained back tgt.and (: was being sucha moron,i had to cover his mouth while 😀 whacked him.and he put his saliva all over my hands which i wiped on his hair.sometimes i think im evil.HAHAHA. and i got home at..10 was you see why i love fridays.

bffs & dinner with (: & :D. fridays cant get any better,i swear.


upload pics some other day!

i am made of more then my yesterdays.


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