vapour in the wind;

still you,hear me when im calling,Lord you catch me when im falling;

macroecons was boringgggggg,i wanted to pon la,hahaha & no im not naughty(: lunched at our favourite ITAS again.haha!its the only air con canteen what.hehh.LSM tutorial was..mmhmm no comments,haha.went to the library with ryan & wenkai after sch,attempted to study HAHA.then went to a study room with them & beesiang & para to do LSM & LCOM presentation.went back alone (: i like i like (: reached home at 6 something,and now im supposed to do work haha.rarrh.

sch starts at 1pm tmr!rocks socks pleaseeee haha (:

yay and dont want wake up call tmr ah you!haha thanks (:

friday friday friday bffs bffs bffs and (: 😀 (: 😀

hahahaha omg i feel retarded.

okay bye homework calls!(:

you told me who i am,i am yours<3


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