WG tdy was fun (: THE REDEEMED is the bomb<3.lunched with sheryl,gabriel,ian,kelvin & gideon.haha.omg la lunch was super duper mega ultra funny!fishball fight and everything else.and our funny talk about the future and how our whole WG will have 4 kids each HAHAHA what the heck man the rest of the stuff-i shall not say.abit crude HAHAHA! but still<3333 whoo rocks socks man kudeds!(: went back to church to slack around with the usual peopleeeee quite fun!pranking calling ppl and stuff.haha.and crazy nyehh nyehh showed me his spit with blood WHAT THE HECKKK you sickoooo person haha.anw,homed with gid.daddy fetched us back (((: yay yay!

WHOOO! & i heard from peter & galvin tt our WG will be in the same CG when we all move up to RAYS next time (((: YAYYYYY! then our dreams for the ‘future’ will come true HAHAHAHA.omg la i feel spastic,shit.but i loveee loveee loveee my favourite kudeds & alliance!(: whoohooooo!

okay cousins are here.time to go!byebye!have fun peopleeee

pictures will be up later or tmr (((:


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