counting down to the weekends.

today has been..super unproductive.anw,went to sch with bff mel png<3 i love how we can talk forever non stop,haha and all abt weird stuff,lol.i like how i get to talk to her abt everything* HAHA.met bff mel ang too!<3.sch was a total waste of time.macroecons lecture bored the sh*t out of me,lsm tutorial was like crap,we kept changing classrooms for dunno what reasons.wth la.trying to act like nomads or something WHAT ON EARTH MAN.walao piss me off only.

sch ended at 3.sat inside this super small study room to talk with beesiang,para & ryan.haha some retarded talk we had.walao like trashing inside la,can just emo & die hahahaha.talked till 6 like what the heckkkkkkkk 3 hours of talking.mmmmmhmmmm.

ive got 3 more days to decide.why is it that as you get older you’ve got more difficult choices to make.walao eh,not fair la.3 more days.race against time.haiyah.but like how two of the kudeds put it,just pray & leave it up to God.soooo mmmhhmm i just know that im gna die la.aiyah.mmmmmmhmmm.

4 presentations up this week what the heckkkk man 4 presentations in 3 days now how in the world is that possible la,trying to work us to death or something!poly is totally not slack at all man sh*ttttttt should just drop out of sch hurh hurh.less stress.

aiyah damn pissifying whatever la,aiyah.

ytd night was fab.<3 i met my favourite people<3 and ppk! i hope you had a blast ‚̧

i really love this picture heh heh


3 days left.


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