this post is dedicated to my favourite girl,my bmw,my ppk,EUNICE GOH YI EN!<3

HAPPY SEXY 15TH BIRTHDAY WOMANNNNN!<3 its been great knowing you for the past year<3 i still rmb how we met HEH HEH!(:

thanks for all our outings,our sleepovers,our secrets shared & for all the fun tt we had  rmb how we let each other read the other’s smses,& even pick up each other’s handphone calls?HAHA<3 & how we did naughty stuff during the sleepover last year;and how you woke me up at 3am just to tell me that boby had a whole in his stomach,haha.

thanks for ALWAYS listening to me,for always being soo super supportive of everything tt i do;for telling me to ‘screw boys’ HAHA,for all the talks on msn,sms & on the phone<3 & for always being there for me.

I LOVE YOU PPK!<3 have a blast this birthday okay! (: i know you will I<3333 YOU ALOT ALOT ALOT.

rmb this!stayover last yr! (:


haha ppk!youre so cute<3



favourite girl<3



& the most recent shot from saturday!


xoxo & lotsa love,your ppk & spongey ❤


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