out of my league;

went to sch with mel png the bff<3,damn kan cheong man,haha almost late,HAHA.mmmhm bestfriendddd,screw him la okay (: the second one’s better.but anyhowww,whoever he is i will support you okay (((: & bloody hell ill kick that ass for you.like now.haha.serious.chicken backside,sch was like crap today la.POM & macroecons made me feel like .my head almost killed me man,pain like shit,and my throat was like WALAOOO EH i bought like 24 strepsils HAHA.overdose mannn omggg.& blooooddddyyyy hell the fever’s like coming shit asssss.grrrr.anywayyy,presentation was okay,i saw my other bff mel ang next door so i was like hahaha.took the long way back today.mmmhm.so tmr’s acsbr’s carnival.& im like supposed to buy tix from cai & jeffy HAHA.walaoooo ehhh LOL!mmmhm.okay pokeyyy i shall likeeee go study for LSM soon or something.dont wna screw my core subject up,haha.camwhored with some classmates tdy.shall upload it some other time when my head’s nottttt woozzzzyyy haha.i cant wait for tmr.ill get to seeeee my ppk,cai,jeffy,keith,ngffl!

whoopieeedoos okay bye(:


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