school today was roarrrr boring like dunno what.4 hours straight of tutorials.ohmychickenbackside la,3 mins break ONLY.wthhhh.anw,the tutorial room was sooooo freaking cold i think everyone was like turning into ice la,think the temp was at like 13 or sth to TM with 3 classmates after that.went to eat at long johns.whooo!was supposed to take train with a classmate but decided to leave earlier so tt i could have some time to myself took train all the way from tampines to hour ride or so.nice time to do some thinking.mmmmhmmm.nice nice nice.i like i like i like!(:

deborah tay!haha omg eh you want me to die isit.ehhhh DONT POST TT COMMENT AGAIN! bestfriendddd haha dont leh omg la ill die if _ sees it pleaseeeeeee.hahahaha.

& ppk!i miss you tooo ): nehminnddddd saturday ill get to see you<3333

tmr’s thursday.which meanssssss its 2 hours of sch only!yipeee yay yay.

my favourite people!<3

3/4 of the 9sychodelics!


kudeds!carolyn & gid are missing from the pic ):


ahaha carolyn<3 *handsign!*


ppk,favourite girl,BMW<3






i need to take a pic with my ngffl this sat<3 then i can add it to the favourite people<3 whooo!

i love night time.(: mmmmhm.


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