over it;

first day of sch after the hols!had 3 lectures today,6 hrs altogether la ohmygoodness.had to be in sch by 8am although lessons start at 11,cos we had to submit our CSA project.rarrrrrrrrrhhhh waste time pleaseeeee.felt so damn tired after the first lecture.lunched at ITAS.sch ended at 5,waited for my 3 bffs before heading home with them,greg,keiths & another of mel ang’s classmate-i dont know his name.haha.the bus ride back was fun HAHA talked cock the wholeeee journey back.i missed my bffs alot ): & so i like mondays.cos we 4 get to go home tgt .mel png!haha we’re like in the same boat or smthg la,grrr.haha but aiyah,ill support you all the way man.just pls tell that person tt you love our clique & bffs more HAHA. mel ang,mel png & deb are the loves. ❤ clique outing on sat night,but i dont think i can go la,got LSM test on monday.grrrrrrrr.screw you la,LSM.spoil my week only la,ahhh.sch with mel png tmr!<3

took this in the bus.aiyoh so scandalous HAHA.

mel png & greg!


tsk haha greg why so shyyyyyy!


awwwwwwwwwww HAHAHAHA.okay mel dont kill me!lol.


& i just felt like putting these 2 pics up again.HAHA




youth sunday (: ALLIANCEEEEE!


okay bye ive got LSM presentation tmr!


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