let go of yesterdays;

today i wasted time going to school for PW.cos we ended up eating sweets & chips,talking,laughing & i went back home.so much for studying & doing homework huh!



we attempted doing our CSA work.


my lunch!hoho.


our ‘law firm’ haha MACDT!


clar & mel<3


mel png’s back from bali (: i missed you,bestfriend.i’ll see you really really soon!monday!my fav day of the week ((((: whoooos debbooooraaahhh tay the other bff like MIA alr la,HAHA i miss you toooooooo debbo ): monday!haha,& mel ang i miss you too,although i just met you ytd.haha((: MONDAYS!<3

okay pokey,tmr im gna meet some of the kudeds to study!whoooyeahhh  i havent touched a single bit of legal systems.& ive got a test right after the hols.ohmytian kill me now.better buck up man.okay byebye


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