picturesss (:

my sister’s kukufied i tell you.haha.



hi baby.


i love you,1/4 of the bestfriends!


classmates!meet mr tallie,mr laughy & mr ah beng!


i took this pic!nice right HAHA so frostehhh


heh one paper left haha i cannot wait for fridayyyy! CSA was retarded.hate it.some people left halfway through the paper,haha siao ting tongggg.met mel png after sch<3 went to TM for lunch!haha my kway chap & cockles & hate-egg yolk bestfriend! haha.went shopping for a while,haha,we’re gna shop on sunday again,omgzzxzx.haha gna go broke please.went home after that,1 hr bus ride was coolios,talked non stop (: haha thats the diff btw poly friends poly friends ah,we talk halfway then got nothing to talk abt already.haha with bffs its different!can talk for like dunno how many hours non stop.haha omg i made 2 ‘bets’ with her tdy,ohmytian,i better win man.cos if i lose,die la,got horrible forfeit,haha.but i think ill win.i know ill win  heh hehhhh.our talk was quite funny.clique,boys,husbands,bestfriends,school,churchmates,marriage,death,HAHAHA.i<3 you mel png!(: ohmygosh sunday sunday sunday hurry come (: then i can go to mel’s church & look for ‘cookie’ HAHAHA.whoooo! & ill get to see ***** (: & ill get to see mab & my ppk<3 wahhh!yes yes yes! one paper left!legal commmmm ): haha.

i miss my other 2 bffs & i miss my clique ): ❤

& gorgeous!i miss you too.pastamania soon yes yes!kay i love you.more than mervin does.HAHA LOVE<3

on the 20th ive got a date with sophy ophy mophy the girliefriend!<3 heh hopefully darshy & ara can come too yay imma happy girl hoho.okay pokeyyy im gna continue watching meangirls!plasticsssssssskay bye martians<3



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