ripped this off ara’s bloggo!

1. Start Time: 0931 am

2. Name: nicole
3. Nickname: nikky
4. Astrology sign:taurus

5. Gender: F
7. Hair color: black & now with red.haha.
8. Eye color: black?
9. Height: im short.haha.
10. Most Favorite color: pink!

11. Glasses: [:
13. tattoos: DONT HAVE.

14. Birthplace: America

15. Area code: (:

16. TRUE friends: many many ❀

******HAVE YOU EVER*****
17. cut your own hair? YEAH!
18.Done something in the past you regret? YES

19. Have you ever met someone you were not supposed to? YES YES SUPER YES.

21. Skipped school?sort of

22. Bungee jumped?die die also wont try
24. Punched someone? NO

25. Cheated on someone intentionally? nah πŸ˜€

26. Been arrested? siaogepingpong NO WAY!

27. Broken into someones house? nopsey

28. Been to a funeral? yes

32. Used a lighter? haha no dont dare to.
34. Season: summer [:
36. Ice cream flavor: all but vanilla
37. School subject(s): legalcom?

38. Candy: all except licorice!
39. Breakfast: whatever my mummy prepares

40. Juice: orange
41. Magazine(s): seventeen!
42. Movie(s): cinderella story πŸ˜€
43. Song(s):crash & burn!

50. Letter(s):??

51. Favorite fast food restaurants:KFC :]

52. Disney Princess:haha,almost all.

53. Radio station: 98.7
54. Name for a son: dont know!

55. Name for a daugter:dont know too!

******DO YOU PREFER*****
56. Chocolate or Vanilla? :chocolate

57. Alcoholic or not? : NOT.
60. Scary movies or comedies? comedies

61. Short or long hair?: long!

62. Croutons or bacon bits? :bacon,haha

*****THE PAST 3 DAYS, HAVE YOU******
71. Watched a movie? dvd counted?

72. Talked on the phone? OBVIOUSLY

73. Cried?dont think so (: imma happy girl.

74. Choked? no

75. Drank a glass of water? YES HAHA

76. Done Drugs? haha no

77. Read a book or magazine: yup
78. Watched TV? : youre asking the obvious.
79. Looked in the mirror?you think?
80. Taken a shower? YA.

81. Taken a picture? : yes,yesterday w mel png<3
82. Listened to music? yep
83. Kissed someone? : uhhh.haha.
84. Told someone you liked them:mmmhm my girls?lol.

85. End time: 0943am


heh i had nth to go & so i did tt quizzzy com test readings-i know nuts abt it,haha screw it,confirm plus one million chops i die already.yay.haha.& just when i thought id be pretty free during hols,ive got a court visit coming up on monday,which means no more sentosa with mel mab & ppk,but its okay since mel & mab cant make it too.GRRRR.going to subordinate courts or smthg,hurh!haha i hope the courts are cool man, sissie’s gna date me out for supper on fri night,I THINK.& breakfast on sat morning,HAHAHAHA.okay whatever,time to get back to my books,one full day of mugging.grrrr.okay bye!(:


some pics for your entertainment, my lovelies!


meet the younger us in 2005!haha oh annabelle wanted to kiss me πŸ˜€



this pic is freaking cute!



young & insane,lol.


trying to be sane,haha.


not for young children to see!


love triangle!


hi woman imissyou


blazers & bball.nice combi.haha.








EDIT 0505pm

kuded kuded1 kuded2

kElviNβ„’ – humanOVERSIZEDkid ->beat that ! After 4 years, its time! Back to the courts! says:

nicole pangseh kelvin for 3 times alreday , what if she go again, how many times will she pangseh kelvin in total ?

NICOLE[: would you lie with me & just forget the world. says:


NICOLE[: would you lie with me & just forget the world. says:


kElviNβ„’ – humanOVERSIZEDkid ->beat that ! After 4 years, its time! Back to the courts! says:

primary 1 also know


i really have no comments.HAHAHA.okay bye.


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