if my life is for rent;

chickenbackside la,my xanga wallpaper/background like cannot be seen.omg so annoying man.okay anyhowwww,i didnt go to church tdy ): so guilty.omggg.okay but i studied a little macroecons,haha im so proud of myself

read through some of my smses today,deleted so many that didnt mean anything anymore,haha some were quite funny actually.

one from sophil said that she missed me a million dollars,haha i miss you too gff (:

another from mel png was super funny,it was her reaction when i told her that * got elected as __.haha.

another one was from jeffy a few weeks back,haha some forwarded sms but it was nice

then there was one from eunice,my ppk (: said sth like mab&i will take priority over any guys<3 aww,haha same for you too girl!♥

and there was one from darshy.haha,i miss you too woman,meet up soon!(:

& another was from ian,telling me to attend his wedding[when he gets married to my ngffl(:]& to go for his funeral next time,HAHA i think ill die first la,anyhow,rock her world mad guy!(:

then there were a few from kuded5,which all start with these common words’EH KUKU or EH PANGSAI’,walao haha stupid la you,haha.

and a few more from kuded1 which all are super lame,omg la.haha.bestretarded____.HAHA.

& one came from kuded3,telling me to jump up & down in sch,when i got pissed at sth tt i wasnt even supposed to feel pissed abt.hahaha.

one came from keith,telling me abt our future’HOLIDAY’with ian amanda cbel darsh soph jeff etc,etc,haha i hope tt it happens (:

haha,so i deleted some,got through my smses halfway & stopped already.so many to read through,haha.but im thankful for my friends,haha they make me feel so happyi<3 them alotzxzxxzxzx,haha.i cannot wait for my holidays to comeeeee.one more week baby!& ill be free (: HAHA.okay jeffy’s being such an ass,HAHA.

its a cult! mahapatapian says:

hahahaha im goin to sit and wait

haha,wait lor,wait long long la jeff.HAHA.

-time to get back to my books.yay me.haha.


rockthenightaway<3 bestfriends!

nothing i have is truely mine.



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