[: consume from the inside out Lord.

hi earth my blog’s screwed I CANNOT SEE MY BACKGROUND PICS ): anywayy my day’s been fab,im always happy when im in church/with church friends.haha.beats gg to sch anyway went to church at 11,waited for peter till 12,mugged before tt,attempted to mug when he came,but obviously i failed,cause he always annoys/disturbs me and thus i couldnt study.haha,lunched with kelvin,galvin,peter & erika at KFC(: haha,peter spiked my drink with his mountain dew disgusting kuku.then back to church!

service was good,so was wg time..hmmm,i dont think tt ive been a very good christian you know today kneeling before God made me realise alot of things,i havent been doing long quiet times,havent been spending enough time with God,havent been trying to share God with my friends.thats not good right.and my quiet time is always so rushed,cause i do it at like 11plus at night ))): ohman,sorry God.ill try my best to spend more time with you!and thank you for always listening to me,for knowing me inside out (: i loveeee you God<3 ♥

dinner with erika,ethel,jewel,jonq,jonl,michael & leon after web!haha pizzaaaa(((:.tech crew  heh.i love my ppk alot alot alotttt omggggg<3thanks for the kiss woman!HAHAHA. i still dont get joash’s toothpick trick,damn!i really want to know how he did it,haha make my eyes go cock la,looking at his toothpick disappear & reappear!lol.GDOP’s tmr!yay!we’ll see God do wonders in this world,whoohoo!didnt get to compete drinking pokka tea with kudeds1 & 5 tdy,ahh tmr la tmr (: haha.i love weekends,too bad its passing by so quickly.


my God is mighty to save<3



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