would you run with me & never look back

♥i wanna love you,you already know (:

hello darlings!sch was pretty crappy haha.macroecons was totally BORING.gahh.should have ponned the stupid lecture.rarrrhhhhhh!lecture for 1 hr plus only then end sch alr.what the piang leh,waste my time.haha.anyway,wen kai & i wore like the same kinda shirt OMG brown & white.ohmytian,super retarded can,AHAHA.conincidental one la,lol.anyway,lunched at design sch canteenwanted to join zilra for lunch la,but had projects to complete.haiyoh.anyway,went to cast my votes for TPSU & BSC!hehhhh voted for those whom i know and..those pretty & handsome ppl HAHAHA so biased right.HAHAHA. cause i dont know most of them la!lol.anw,went to library to complete projects for principles of mgt,computer system applications,legal com & legal systems.sian ge bong bong man.haha. went to search lawnet for articles on international law or sth like tt.MMMHMMM.jeffrey keeeeee dont emo laaa (((: nehmind one pls,youve got tonnes of chances to own them next time ((((: and crazy kuded1,i want you to be retarded & not emo you kuku,i dont like the emo you.quite scary leh.rarrrh.dont emo!MMMHMMM.didnt get to see my BFFs tdy ): oh wells.maybe tmr!<3 ohmycrap,ive got 7 online quizzes to do,shit!ive got readings for tmr’s legal com tutorial,bloody hell,this kinda sucks you know!sch sucks cause of tests and hw!): oh wellll.i have no life la,haha.weekends are coming soon.4 more days.HAHA i like counting down to weekends.i get kicks out of it.♥♥♥♥♥ ❤



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