and thats why girlfriends rock<3


toilets are the loveees man


i love you ppk!


our lunch at kobayashi!


ppk looks so happy hahaha.


and i love you 2




tdy was FAB man.met eunice at 11 and walked around wisma & taka while waiting for carolyn to come (: went to cine for lunch!kobayashi.oh and i met mabel!haha as pretty as ever la,my ppk’s bestie!(: heh.camwhored quite a bit,and off to bugis! bumped into mel ang in bugis,LOL with her classmates & mr-eyecandy HOHO.bugis street was pretty crowded,lol.shopped quite a fair bit<3 haha. i love shoppinggggg omg haha esp with close friends,its the bomb la (: can shop all day and not get tired!haha.headed to church with carolyn after that  had a really nice long talk all the way to church<3 haha i love you woman. whooo!ppk & carolyn!haha thanks for tdy<3 date again during june hols ah!our denim shopping spree along with sentosa dates haha lovelots darlings!<3

church was good,freaking cold la today.HURH!mmmmhm,Global Day Of Prayer’s coming sunday (: yay.last yr’s GDOP was super fun pls,cause CEFC hosted it,ahah i rmb being a flag bearer hahahaha omg so cool  heh heh okay my cousins are at my hse,cant blog too much now,haha till then,lovelovelove!♥

edit 1016pm:

got this off mel png’s blog (: it says everything abt our friendship<3

im so happy that Melang is my friend cause she always know what to do(:
im so happy that Deborah is my friend cause we are always imagining UNREALISTIC things that we want to happen and make ourselves happy(:
im so happy that Nicole is my friend cause i can tell her totally everything(:
im so happy Rachel is my friend cause i can msg her during Amazing race when my heart is about to stop beating(:
im so happy Clarissa is my friend cause she never fails to cheer me up(:
im so happy Xinni is my friend cause she always has a story to share(:
im so happy Annabelle is my friend cause she always crack me up(:

and im so happy that mel png is my friend cause she knows all my secrets & nv fails to agree w me abt everything!<3

nights world,im super in love with my girls i tell you.(:

Jesus i believe in you,Jesus i belong to you,youre the reason that i live,the reason that i sing with all i am<3


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