HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBORAH TAY RUI JING! YOURE 17.OMG.haha.BIG ALREADY LA.i love you BFF,clique mate,pl & tp mate!<3 my puking partner,haha i love puking with you.yes wth.haha,happy 17th!!!<3333

when we were 15,16 and now going on to 17!

10 clique clique again cliqueskin BFF clique!

whoo,i just got home from botanic gardens!haha had dinner there with fam!yay i like eating out at night hahaha.school tdy was crap.classmates fought again,everyone got pissed and yada yada.bummerooos right,like what in the world man,everyday get pissed,hahaha.haiyoh.didnt get to see any of my BFFs tdy  super sad pls.NYEHHH.hurhh mummy says my grandfather is going to die soon,nyehhh!cause he has cancer,she says must pray tt he lasts past my birthday & his bday in june!NYEHHH.daddy says he doesnt know if he can last tonight.NYEHH.plans might have to change this week.SIGHHH.okay goodnight world,tutorials again tmr.


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