during macroecons lecture,i ate worms.haha.


thats bee siang & para,but eh the focus isnt on them,its on mr eyecandy in the background!


haha hello there eyecandy!youve got a sexy back hahaha.





yesterday i went home with my very lovelehhh BFFS!<3 and darshy smsed me haha i missed you too girl.and i love love loveeeee youuuu lots & lots and same goes for sophy & ara!haha tdy went to sch w mel png!<3 heh shes the love haha walking in the rain was fun and confession time was HAHA funny,every secret tt i had i think i told her HAHAHA eh shhh abt it okay lovelove!<3 and yes yes B&Js!its a pun baby haha[eh BFFs you know who HAHA] if only we can marry them right pongggg!HEH!.macroecons bored me like crazy please,ate like tonnes of sweets to stay awake, eyecandy is mighty fine i must hot hot!lunch break was retarded,my classmates are pros at cursing la,every sentence got ** or **** or *******!ohmytian,enough to kill, system tutorial after that,pretty boring,haha.errr,my class had internal conflict during lesson.started shouting & scolding each other,haiyoh.then everybody backstab here & there,i say you,you say kinda trapped haha,like stuck in the middle of nowhere,cause its like those ppl who hate each other,i dont really care,so whatever haha, classmate ah,angry till getting ready to throw chairs alr pls.omg.then they all want to fight la please,shouting like nobody’s business.ohmytian,they’re really crazy!internal conflict lor,i wonder how tmr will be.confirm damn tense one.haha.

theres CSA make up lesson tmr,SIAN MAN!so sch’s gna start at 9.ahhhh!3 hours earlier!crappp haha.friday sch will end at 12 cause of the carnival thingy,whoohoo then fri night ive got chalet!haha yayyy!<3 think tmr ill reach home at like..10pm haha CC la,crapstuff hahaha maybe ill not go.if wz & png dont go.haha  jeffy’s making me laugh like someshithead please,walao!haha kill me kay,time for tutorial hw alr.byebyeeeeeee all you lovelychickennyehhsoutthere!<3

i love you this much HAHA kay bye!<3



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