hi earth,WG tdy was good,we had prayer time for like..almost 2 hrs?prayed according to ACTS.praying with erika made me feel better yes yes i love you erika!<3 lunched with wg mates,walao theyre evil ppl la,HURH!like paparazzi can,take so many pics for what!?!? ill kill all of you HAHA.back to church for meeting.wg retreat.mmmhm.i think THE REDEEMED boys are like..super childish and super ungentlemanly pls.what kind of boys throw slippers & rubbish bins at girls?people like peter chan.and wth.and he drew on my leg with a marker.WALAOOOOOO!!!!!you die la kuded5,you die.meeting was damn unproductive pls,ended up playing & screaming,aiyoh!after meeting,carolyn,zephy,kelvin,gideon & joseph left.leaving me with peter.what the hell?watched rachel,clarice,peter,jan & morgan dance while waiting for parents to come pick me.stupid peter’s so immature can,walao.im so not gg for the retreat la,imagine spending 3days 2 nights with immature ppl like him!omg kill me.HAHA

pictures are up,enjoy staring at the number one retard of all times,peter isaac chan khoon lau!hahaha.

he was dancing.he really was.


that’s my kudeds 1 & 4!!!!


he wanted to fight with me,haha come la come la!haha


wg mates!i love sheryl!<3


my straw’s so cool.it could hold the pepsi in it and i wasnt even pressing the straw la,haha.i bit both ends till they stuck tgt (:


zephy the twin brother kuded4 & peter the kuded5.


preparing to taupok peter.


theyre trying to kill each other.


WHOOHOOO!peter’s gna die.MY GAIN!lol.


oh i think he died leh.byebye kuded5.haha


enjoyed the pics?haha wait for more to come…next saturday ive got a date with my ppk eunice!& with carolyn!<3 see,girls are the loveees man while boys are like crap please.haha sophil,darsh & ara!rmb our ‘feminist’ rule HAHAHA.no boys allowed in our property-candy chocolate house!((:  ive currently got..5 kudeds,haha who else wans to join?LOL!kuded1’s kelvin,3’s gideon,4’s zephy,5’s peter and 6’s supposed to be gabriel haha!heh number 2’s supposed to be me,but i dont think im a kuded.haha.kuded is KUKU plus RETARDED.haha geddddit?(((: hehhh! okay bye world,ive got to read up on LSM lecture notes for tmr.SIAN!oh yes,HAPPY BIRTHDAY GALVIN & MABELLLLLL!<3


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