God is good<3

PICTURES are up,had mothers day lunch w fam at some brazillian restaurant.

see this?it was on the wall.damn nice.i like 😀


haha food


the ham was soo darn big


he let me take a pic of him cutting the meat


fats fats fats haha meat again


my ice creammmm (:


kelvin wanted to throw the dustbin at me seriously.


squash at kelvin’s condo!


i love this pic alot (:


today was great. after lunch i went to kelvin’s condo to watch him,galvin & gideon play squash,haha they’re all so pro la cannnn.waited for them to shower then we went to BPP.after that we walked to greenridge where they had lunch,then we walked to church heh service was good,maybeee.mayyybeee all i need is to surrender it to God,cause only He knows everything yay i love my God<3 web was cooliooos,kelvin & gideon are freaking mean.they always make fun of me & __.and whats more,i dont even like him can!WTH!luckily peter didnt come tdy la.hahahaha.

ian & his gf are freaking cute.they really are.haha enjoy loveee my friend,blowww her of her feet,be the best boyfriend ever kay!whoohooooo!!!and yaya papaya,all of us-you & your amanda!,me,jeff,cbel,keith,your ryan & mark & mark’s flower(:,my ppk & girlies & clique & all our future ahem ahems,we’ll make this world smaller,and yes,we’ll rock this life hahahs.so cool,so cool,all the best with loveee my friend.(:its gonnnna rock bombs haha.

churchinggg again in..10 hrs time,haha.i like spending my weekends in church cause i loveee the ppl there[AND ALL YOU KUDEDS,im not implying abt __.thank you].hate weekdays.mundane lifestyle again.rarrrhhh.anyhoww haha tdy’s been pretty good,thank you God<3 heh nights you all!(:


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