today was a so so day la.half good,half bad and blah blah.first lecture of the day was frickkking stressful,legal system,tian ah,that lecturer can make everybody cry la.ahhh,anyhow,we survived that.lunch break was…i hv no comments la,but if you were in my shoes,you wouldnt be too happy.firstly,what do you say to your friends who curse at your God?i have no comments la.really no comments.if i had a choice,i dare say i would have blocked out all the stupid comments tt they say and like do sth else,but duh i have no choice la,they’re my classmates.kinda puts me on the spot.oh well.had CSA & POM lectures after that,really sian,but again ive got no choice.gahh.met the mels & deb after sch-heh i loveee them.thank God for them man  the journey back was fun heh we camwhoredddd<3 and talked and laughed and told each other stories abt our classes hahaha. nyehh,if only i had them in my class,then life would be perfect

i just finished my hw for tmr’s tutorials.whooo!the wo ke yi song tt mel ang sent me is sooo niceee heh it made mel png cry lol.nyehh,looking forward to sat & sun!hehh my weekendsss haha if only the whole week could be weekends hahaha that’ll be sooo super cool la. gg to sch w png tmrrr!<3 i loveee my BFFs tonnes man. oh heh and i saw mr-korean-guy-lookalike alr hahaha png,not bad la mine still better leh hahaha.okayy lovelots to all you ppl<3

and i look fuglyy here but heck,i love my prettiessssss<3


everlasting,your light will shine when all else fades,never ending,your glory goes beyond all fame<3



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