10 things

i like that picture up there.. got a msg at like 5am plus from eunice..eh ppk,dont be sad okay,he’s in heaven nowyoull meet him there some day

nyehh i was thinking about loveee haha i know im weird but heck,doesnt bother you anyway right!love love love mmmhmm love’s nice yet it complicates things super alot heh somehow those eyecandies ah,all super cute,but cmi one leh haha thats sad la. nehmind nehmind i shall wait very very patiently..wait until i die.haha.i still rmb how soph & i used to talk abt how we will pray every single night for our future bfs/husbands haha we even made a criteria and said we’d pray to God abt it,that they guy will be everything we ask for hehhhh i rmb how i asked soph if he’ll like just ‘pop’ out from nowhere haha and soph told me that he wont ‘pop’ out he’ll be Godsent hehhh  love’s quite cool dont you think!i wonder if..the person whom i’ll marry is someone whom i know now!heh that’ll be cool.but umm.haha aiyah God’s timings la hahaha.

okay world,ive got to rush now.gg to church soon.have a niceeee saturday!<3 XOXO!



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