roarrr ive got sch from 12 till night tdy i am depressed man.8/9 hrs in sch = torture!decided to not go for volleyball tdy.going for campus crusade instead.with mel png & wanzhennnnn! wont get to see mel ang & deb tdy ahhh.freaking tutorials tdy!i hate tutorials.cause its one teacher to 20 odd students the teacher can on you any freaking time to answer her freaking questions hahaha and today is APPEL & LEGAL COM i hate legal com cause we keep having to do oral presentations and it scares the S*IT out of me .pianggg.and all the latin words are driving me nuts.i swear i need a law dictionary very badly.i shall go get one.PFFFTT.ohmygosh la.i think work’s piling up.esp for tutorials.lectures arent tt bad.can slack thing bad abt poly is that you’ll get a headache everyday choosing what to wear to sch!wah,i have to pick out my clothes the previous night can!thats how bad it is.haha.

eunice goh yi en! time for a date soon okay!its been quite long since we went out tgt![not considering cai’s confirmation!].its may alr!we’re supposed to hv another shopping spree in june HAHA.whoohoo!<3 i love you woman. my ppk & favourite girl! heh.

ohmygosh ian cai OMG OMG OMG.why is that pic on your blog.OMG.hahaha it was for YOU TO SEE ONLY you kuku mad guy!hahaha. nehmindddd nehmindd hahaha.okay all zeeee bestttt for myes!

my classmate has yet to send me the hw he wants me to print for him.haha im getting impatient!from ytd 3pm till now still havent send yet!PIANGGGG.hahaha.

just read sandra’s testimonial for me,andddd sth struck me-how retarded i was in pl.walao,i even agreed when she asked me to tie my hair up like a bimbo DURING CLASS TIME.what the heck much for wearing tt banana tie.whatthecrap haha but i miss those days.

she never knew it would end up like this,a bullet in her head with the sweetest kiss.


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