im happyyyy.

nyehh i reached sch on time tdy for my first lecture,thank God man.our legal systems lecturer is super duper scary.dont wna get into his bad books lol. first lecture lasted for 1 CSA had a break from 12 to 3.went to KFC with my classmates.haha they’re cool people!all girls gang HAHA.back to sch after that,sat at business sch benches with the girl gang and ryan,wen kai & shaun.[the boy gang] LOL.waited till it was 3 then went for our last lecture of the day!whoo.ended early,met mel ang,went to design sch’s canteen to buy drinks.then waited for mel png & deb! homed with them haha i loveeee them SOOOOOOOOO much.would hv died without them la.funny how when we like talk to classmates we have awkward pauses in between.maybe its because we dont hv much to talk abt or whatever.with the BFFs its different.can talk NON STOP la.from TP till serangoon.LOL! now thats cool.haha. feel the loveee people.haha.

going for tree top walk with fam tmr.I THINK.if i feel like going la.8am HAHA abit early ah!going w parents cell grp lol.after that gg to raffles place to meet peter & kelvin & everyone else for wg socials meeting.peter’s evil.and thus i dont really feel like seeing him tmr ): haha wth okay raffles place is so darn far from where i stay haha crapppp.

i dont want another pretty face,i dont want just anyone to hold, i dont want my love to go to waste,i want you and your beautiful soul (:

bye world.tdy’s been pretty good (:


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