mmhm our tree top walk got cancelled cause it rained in the morning.haha.but thats good.cause it means tt i’ll be able to meet peter & the rest on time.haha.had another crazy mass convo w peter & kelvin last night.[AGAIN].i hate peter.he’s so evil he makes me depressed.ahaha.righttt.okayyy so tdy i got up at like 6 cause mummy came to tell me tt tree top walk got cancelled.breakfast at like..730 with parents cell grp ppl.they’re like all at my house now!HAHA.they just walked past the com lol.doralynn’s parents are here.ahah EVERYONE’S IN MY ROOM NOW OMG.OMG!nyehh.haha

i miss my clique ):


once upon a time..when we were still young..insec3..acting


ohmygosh cute or what la haha.


say hello to the world’s bestest clique of all times


hi girlies (:


i miss you three ):


havent seen darshy & ara for the longest time ever!IM SO NOT USED TO THAT.i used to see them EVERYDAY laaaaa.ROAR.but i met soph last last week ahah so cool manzxzx HELLO girlies i loveeeee you ❤ and rachel,clarissa,xinni,belle & sarah MIA alr la.haha.esp xinni & sarah!haha time to meet uppppp soonnnn  heh see a kiss for youuuu haha.whooo!

i need to print my tutorial notes.eeyer so waste ink la.ROARRR.okay time to get ready to go out!byeee chickenpoops haha have fun


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