last night was crazy.haha had a mass convo with peter & kelvin.on the phone.and my phone died in the end.NO BATT.wth?haha.nyehhh.kelvin’s brother is drop-dead freakingggg funny.ohygoshh la.haha.i think our WG chalet will be fun. we should book the one next to the old changi hospital.the same one where we had our MILKERS chalet.haha its coolllll man.mmmhm.last night was the best night i had since..3 days ago (: youre happy,im happy.youre cool,im like it like that! whoohoo.

sch starts in..2 & a half hrs.SIAN!legal systems is the first lecture of the day.crapibballoooosss man.i shall look forward to 5pm.i’ll get to meet my BFFs then

sometimes its wrong to walk away,though you think its over,knowing theres so much more to say,suddenly the moments gone,and all your dreams are upside down,and you just want to change the way the world goes round.




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