oh wow i just did my hair and its like..abit red haha.highlightedddd.the hair dresser said tt red’s red lor redddd lorrr hahaha whoohoo my hair’s shorter ): im sad.haha the lady cut it.i miss my hairrrr i am gna turn emo.HAHA KIDDING.wth.tootshit.

to you:

eh its not you la.i think its ya ya its not your fault laaaaaaaa im just retarded (: and im sorry if like things dont work out or something.its just weird…mmhmm.nehmind i still love you as a frienddddd<3  you know that right!(: ahh okay dont be emo (: life’s like that.cheerrr upppp<3

okay i am so gna transfer to design school.for reasons that will not be revealed (:  only mel ang knows haha i shall tell the other 2 on mon!  i need to stick with mel ang 24/7.shes so super…lucky…haha..meeting * everywhere i am so drop dead jealous.AHHHHH!and she’s so nice.she gave up ASS for me.YAY.omg mel ang i love you haha but duh this is infatuationnnnnnnnn hurh hurh!

whoo.okay my cousin’s cmg over from his new place.HOW COOL IS THAT THAT MY COUSINS ARE GNA STAY JUST ACROSS THE ROAD FROM ME.jump 3 steps and reach my home.literally 3 steps.COOL yay i love my cousins heh hehh ahh okay time to get ready for church.BYE WORLD.tdy’s a quite nice day (: i think.


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