hi earth,i spent 2 hrs in sch tdy.had legal com tutorial again and for the first time since sec4 ended,IVE GOT HW!i am quite excited LOL. i spent the afternoon with mel png we had lungh tgt HEH we are so gna buy tt bag man!YAY! heh went back to PLMGSS!collected our O level cert.met deb & sandra.OMG havent seen sandra for eons haha.still as pretty as ever!went to the office to get our certs,then went up to the hall area,met MRS RAJAHHHHH! whoo its been long.haha i miss my teachers lol.nyehh,saw many familiar faces,went to the canteen to take pics with my buddy lauren!<3 haha oh yes.i met my GORGEOUS too!in the toilet heh gorgeous!i love love love you<3 felt super good to be back in PL.damn shiok feeling.ahh,i love that sch like mad please.whoohoooo!ive got 7 pairs of them tdy!haha went w png png to the bead shop ive got 7 pairs on my table LOL!

i seriously think tt kelvin is damn mad.wahpiang.17 yrs old still can get tt freaking children’s disease LOL.alryt get well soon la huh.HAHAHA.and if you poke me,i’ll bite your fingers off.HAHA.

hello there gorgeous!<3




hello buddy!


haha buddy & mel!


look at the earrings & beads HAHA.


nice day i had tdy(: oh and i forgot to mention tt everytime i go out w png,we’ll end up eating ice cream HEH but its the loveeee<3 yay bye earth i love you (:

edit 545 pm.

i am quite annoyed.i really am.SHEEESSSHHHH.ROARRRR.too many things.august i will die.i am not happy.CRAPPYYY thing.ROARRRR AHHH annoyinggggggggg my head’s gna burst like some crap thing,ahhh.kelvin,im sooo super sorry for complaining like some freakass bimbo.and thanks for teaching me to look at things from a different perspective.i need to learn to stop complaining so freakass much abt things tt seem quite small.i need to learn how to do my QT like how peter does his.i need to grow closer to God.i need to pray more.i need to talk to God more.Jesus,help me.


my God is mighty to save.forever author of salvation,He rose and conquered the grave,Jesus conquered the grave.


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