ROARRRRR.legal com tutorial tdy was so super stressful! had to do on-the-spot oral presentations.without preparation.omg la haha had to like stand in front of the entire class and like TALK.hahaha.i think i was retarded.ahhh.nerve wrecking lol.3 hours of tutorial tdy then i met up w deb & mel png to go for cca fair!we signed up for volleyball & bowling HAHAHA like duh cannot get in one,i might even pon the try outs please.HAHA. nyehhh.tmr ive got legal com AGAIN from 9 to 11am.might meet png for lunch if we’re gg back to PL to collect our O level certs. hopefully we’ll get to meet w clarissa or sth.but she ends sch at 3 haha see how see how.WHOOO!everyday i get like so super hyped up after sch cause i get to go home with either one or more of my BFFs<3 its like a damn good feeling to see them at the end of the day & tell them all abt sch  ahah i love youuuuu alll png png saw her eyecandy tdy.they saw mine.but i didnt get to see him.ahaha.nehmind. my lecturer’s trying to psycho us into thinking tt lawyers arent liars haha.oh well.i hope i dont go around arguing with ppl or sth cause that’s what they’re gna teach us to do.AHHHH.freaking stressed lol.i seriously hate oral presentations.although i talk damn alot,but still…HURHHHH.AND i miss clarissa like freaking alot.damn weird to not hv her around in sch when ive been seeing her EVERYDAY for 4 yrs straight.AHH.i miss my entire clique hell lot.this is sh*tty.at least ive got half of them with me hahaha i need my dosage of clarissa,rachel,xinni & annabelle!ahh its been long.tooooo long.time to catch up mates!

alrytsss tmr’s the start of mid yrs for the O level ppl!haha sooo all the best ian cai the mad person,jeff the emo monkey and keith the mad seamonster!whoohooo!

YAY.im drinking my packet milo again.heh. TP rocks bombs haha.yay!


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