day one of sch wasnt that bad…our first lecturer for legal studies was pretty scary.haha fierce,sarcastic yet funny.what a funny combination HAHA.class started at 11,ended at 12.break from 12 to 1.then had computer system application studies & principles of management lectures.4 hrs straight.but we got let off half & hr early lectures are a bore la.seriously.sit there can die man.ahhh.i think i need to mug like crazy la roarrrrr stupid thingy hahaha.homed with mel ang & png tdy!<3 i love meeting them everyday.its so dannnggg cool la i love my BFFs (: WHOOHOO! syahir is crazy.he thinks tt jeff is my bf.WHAT ON EARTH?!?!? and kelvin thinks im les cause i said i love myself..BEST!hahahahaha why ah why my friends all so weird one!HAHA. nyehh sch’s on for 2 hrs tmr.9 to 11am!HAHA no tutorials!OMG.i am happy.YAY.YAY.YAY.and im gg to sch w mel png MORE YAYSSS!<3 heh thanks darsh,soph & rae for asking me abt my first day of sch!hahaha I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL LAHHHH ❤  and yes rachel,im super sad cause my class has zilch hot guys haha kill me lahhhh.HAHA hurry tell me abt ur eyecandies heh im so excited to hear all abt them!<3

okay im like talking to too many ppl online i think im typing wrong stuff into all the convos HAHAHA aiyoh HAHA talking to syahir,jeff,ian,eunice,darsh,denis,erika,mel ang.WHOOHOOOO hahaha okay bye world (:


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