HAHA i just baked la.from like 9am to 11am HAHA.my cookies are nice!haha i tested alr LOL.

cookie dough LOL.


whoo big big cookies haha.


i broke one by accident HAHA.


yay they smell super nice la haha i baked like 30 but i broke a few so my maid had to eat it hahaha and some chao ta so threw them away LOL. yay i love love it haha whoooo!im gna bathe soon,hv lunch & off to church! (: haha ian caiiii ONE MORE DAY! its tmr heh heh heh.i cannot wait to see soph.<3 and i finally get to date my ppk out!<3333 happinesss mannnnnzxzx haha i love them (:


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