gdday all! i am feeling super bored now.cause im only going out at 3 plus.and now ive got nothing in the world to do.how sian please.hahaha.ive got orientation tmr!how cool is that.while NP,NYP,SP & RP ppl are alr having lectures,TP’s still at the orientation stage!HAHA.cooliooooos right.heh heh i hope i will get to know nice nice friends hahaha but the mels & deb will be my best TP friends foever & ever.DUH.same clique what.HAHA i love love loveeeee them hopefully orientation will be a blast!ahh.but sch’s starting in 5 days time.no more going out,no more play time,no more time to come online so much i will miss that.haha ive had 5 mths of play time la.haha time to get serious & pay attention during lectures & study hard man yayyy i shall motivate myself hahaha.righttttt.tmr morning im gna meet mel png at 7am!FREAKING EARLY.meeting her for macs then go meet mel ang & deb at 745 HAHA theyre the loves man ((:

this pic’s abit blurred but whatever.still nice.see cai & kee at the back HAHAHA.


SPOT US.haha


my 3 loveliessssssss (:


hoho eunice is going for cai’s confirmation w me on sunday!YAY YAY YAY my favourite girl’s going with me!i am so happy haha i love my woman ❤ hehhhh 30th june theres some barker carnival or whatever hahah we’re being forced to go so..HAHA i shall go w eunice again!my OG friends are getting so hyped up for tmr’s orientation hahaha so enthu pls.haha i shall be enthu too.GO ZILRA GO!(: HAHAHA okay hi my name is stupid i think im retarded okay haha.pls go check out mel ang’s blog.her sister BEVERLY is freaking cute.SUPER HILARIOUS OMG.hahaha!chickennyehhnyehh i love TP now ❤

i’ll be back either tmr or sth to blog abt orientation!(: YAY bye world.


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