pictures from tdy!


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hello blog.i havent been updating.heh.just got back from Tp’s oreintation camp at 10pm last night! i shall blog abt it now.i wont blog too much details abt it okayyy haha.

first day.120407

the mels and deb came over to my place for lunch and then mummy sent us to TP.we were early.so we waited from 1050 till 12.the mels and i were in the same grp-ZILRA.we were so super happy pls HAHA.to cut this thing short,we met our GLs,met new friends,DINNER SU*CKED.seriously.WTH PEPPER RICE haha so gross la i rather not eat man.anw,we had games in the night,lights out at like 1am but everyone slept at 2 plus or so.imagine 800 odd ppl sleeping tgt in one hall.with a curtain separating boys & girls.yucks.felt really homesick pls.got up at like 6am.hurh hurh.didnt even sleep la.stupid floor so hard haha.

second day 130407

games all the way.but it rained so we had indoor games n stuff.highlight of the day was our disco dancing from 10plus pm till past midnight.it was okay la.mass dance was the bomb la.disco dancing was like hurhhh.everyone got really really high and some were doing some uhhh-those kind of not-so-suitable dance moves,hurh hurh.slept pretty late that day.and got up at 6 again.

last day 140407

games the whole day too.this time we had water games & it was good.really fun.the sun was sooo hot la.my neck’s red haha.played games till 5 plus then had a video presentation for us,another video presentation for our GLs and FAs.theyre so emo pls.crying like anything.haha.it was for the graduating batch la.yeppp.oh and big boys do cry.those 18/19 yr old boys were all crying la hahaha.okayyy we went back at 9 plus.super tireddddd roarrr.

i learnt alot during camp la.first night i had a talk with mels,deb and wz and we felt abit sian cause like moving from a christian sec sch to a no-religion poly was a big jump.seriously.last time in PL,we used to start every camp w prayer & worship but over at TP we started off w cheers.somehow it felt strange la.and i missed being in an all girls kinda sch where youre not afraid of anything and you feel so safe.and last time in sec sch,when they say lights out it means you better sleep if not teachers will scold you.at poly,lights out means that the lights will go off at 1am,but you can sleep at whatever time you want.dont sleep also can.another thing is that in sec sch you hear ppl ask’are you tired?do you need a break?’.now at poly they ask’who smokes?do you need a break to smoke?’.i was super scared by this la.mummy says i’m facing the real world already.and this is how its like outside.ppl will do anything under the sun whether right or wrong.seriously speaking,im super scared that i’ll fall into the worldly trap where i’ll just blindly follow the crowd and like do whatever they do.i promised myself that i will never ever smoke,get tattoos,drink,or go clubbing.i will never ever do those stuff.no matter what happens,no matter what ppl say.i will not do those and go against my beliefs.and im scared of backsliding too.its so easy to backslide.when worldly things suck you in,its hard to get out.mummy & daddy tell me everyday to pray about this.that my faith in God will never waiver.pray pray pray.

WG tdy was good.we shared our testimonies-abt how we came to know Christ. God has been good to me since forever.He brought me through so much and answered my prayers that i think were stupid.lunched w erika,sheryl,estha,carolyn,kelvin,joshua,gideon,zephy,joseph and idk who else.then went back to church to hv meeting w peter,zephy,kelvin,galvin.planning another social cum wg retreat.hopefully it will work out. just got back not too long ago.ahhh.super tired la.havent been sleeping for the past how many nights pls.hurh.oh i camwhored w joshua,erika,kelvin,gideon and joseph tdy.wah,boys cam camwhore too la.not bad man.haha.i’ll upload my camp pics some other day.maybe tmr.TP’s nice la.hopefully i’ll meet more christian friends there.hehh.mel ang,mel png & deb!i love love love you all la.camp was great cause you all were there with me.[: i’ll see you all on thurs!<3 okayy ive got to go out now,so byebye,have a great sunday.[:


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